Yeama’s First Day At Private School

by | Dec 1, 2021

Here’s what Yeama Mamie had to say about her first day at her new private school this fall.

“The name of my new school is John International Academy. I woke up early in the morning to say my morning prayers, wash, get dressed, eat my breakfast and go to school.

The road to the school went past many schools and other buildings. It is at the end of Bo district. The color of the school is black and white, with a big playing field, hall, toilet, and other things.

I found my first day of school very interesting although everything was strange to me. The pupils there are very kind and generous. They came to me and asked me about my name and then everybody introduced him/herself.

To know more about the school I took a walk around the school and I noticed there are many differences between my old school and my new school.

The teachers are very kind and good to us all. They told all of us to feel comfortable and relax. One thing I found very interesting was that the teachers sometimes explain stories to us about the world which I like to hear so I pay keen attention to everything they said.

I am very excited about my new school.”

We are thrilled to have the resources to send the girls to private school. They are as eager and motivated about their studies as ever. Thank you for making this possible!