Sampa’s Story

by | Sep 16, 2021

When Sampa was just 8 years old, after both of her parents died from the Ebola virus, one of her neighbors took her in. This is common practice in Sierra Leone when a child is orphaned. Unfortunately, her new caregiver had motives other than caring for and loving Sampa. She was taken out of school and forced to trade goods on the dangerous streets of the busy city of Bo.

One day, she lost her sales money and was terrified to return home to tell her caregiver. She was often beaten when she didn’t sell enough items for that day, let alone losing all the money. Sampa made the grueling decision as a second grader that it would be better to live on the street than be beaten at home. 

Sampa spent days on the street, fending for herself at just 8 years old. Eventually, the police found her and took her to our safe house. She went from being afraid to go home and alone on the streets, wondering where his next meal would come from and where she would sleep; to be safe in a loving home, being cared for and cherished, surrounded by girls her age, and learning about this hope we find in Jesus. In God’s great goodness, Sampa trusted in Christ and was baptized on Easter in 2019.

Each of our girls has a story like this. Thank you for allowing us to pour into their lives.

*name changed to protect child’s anonymity*