Providing freedom, hope and healing so girls can live abundant lives in Christ.

Pictured: Elizabeth, Fatmata, Emmanuella S, Hawa, Massah, Tennah, Jennifer, Emmanuella J

Years of civil war followed by the deadly Ebola outbreak have left thousands of children orphaned and alone in Sierra Leone.

These orphans often face neglect and abuse that no person, especially no child, should ever have to endure. Girls are particularly vulnerable and trafficked at rapid rates, often by their own family members. In 2019 the President of Sierra Leone declared a State of Emergency in regards to violence towards women and children. 

  • Sierra Leone is one of the 10 poorest nations in the world with the majority of the population living in poverty
  • A third of young children are engaged in child labor
  • Almost half of the girls in Sierra Leone are married before their 18th birthday
  • Half of the girls under age 15 are unable to read or write
  • The country ranks 181 out of 189 for worst health, labor and empowerment conditions for women, according to the United Nations

What we do

Princess Promise provides holistic, Christ-centered care for vulnerable girls in Sierra Leone, Africa, empowering them to live abundant lives in Christ. We are committed to creating an environment for complete healing and restoration. 

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City of Bo, Sierra Leone

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Yeama’s First Day At Private School

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Why Sponsorship

Why Sponsorship

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Sampa’s Story

Sampa’s Story

When Sampa was just 8 years old, after both of her parents died from the Ebola virus, one of her neighbors took her in. This is common practice in Sierra Leone when a child is orphaned. Unfortunately, her new caregiver had motives other than caring for and loving...