2016 Sierra Leone Trip Journal: God Meets Us In The Interruptions

by | Apr 26, 2016

Six more nights. That’s all that is left on this 19 day journey. It’s has been so incredible. I have learned so much about the Sierra Leone culture and about myself. This country has had nothing but open arms for  me. I have learned so much about the “interruptions” in life. In my fast pace life at home, I really don’t like interruptions. They are not part of my plan for the day and I’v planned the day pretty packed. But I’ve learned so much from Paul, his family and Charles… that God lives in the “interruptions.” Paul and I joke about his saying, “go with the flow.” In Sierra Leone, you never know when your car will break down, or you see a teacher from 15 years ago, or someone you’ve been Facebook friends for a year that you’ve actually just met in person for the first time. It’s in these “interruptions” that life and relationships exist here.

I can’t tell you how many times that Paul and I have gone on a walk together only to hear him say, “knock, knock ” on a door. Then he’ll lean to me and say I think I know someone who lives here. Of course it is and we usually stay at least 30 minutes in conversation with them. As Paul leaves he says, “This is Africa. That’s what you do.” They are so engulfed in each other’s communities and that’s how most like it. They also know at any given point tomorrow or the next day they might be completely dependent on these same people. I can honestly say that I have turned a corner and I’m completely comfortable with my lack of conveniences that I have in America. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining when I get them back but now I’m good sweaty 90% of the day, eating any African food put on my plate, sitting in tub taking sponge bath and even risking my life every time we get behind the wheel of the car. I have strengthened some true and meaningful friendships that I will have in this life and the next. Brothers that I trust with my life. It will be difficult to say goodbye on Saturday but as Paul says, “better days ahead.”

Our trip has truly been a success because of your prayers. God had honored them so hopefully they are in line with His Will. We do feel like we know the part Princess Project will play in this country. We still have some fine tuning to do but we are both optimistic that before I get on my airplane to return home our mission will be clear. But we still need your help. The enemy’s goal is to seek and destroy. We are awfully close to some of his prime work.

Would you continue to pray for us?
1.  That God would protect and shelter us from the evil one. That we will continue with our meetings and relationships that He desires us to have.
2.  That God would continue to bless Charles Yimbo’s street boy ministry with 25Project.org. I had the pleasure to go around to schools and homes of these boys. I saw five boys that I knew from February 2014. God is doing an amazing work in these boys lives though this ministry.
3. That God would give Paul and I the wisdom to start developing some self sustaining approaches to families that are struggling financially so that they may pay for school for these young victimized girls.
4. Independence Day for Sierra Leone is on Wednesday. I’m sure this place will get crazy. Please pray for our safely and that Paul doesn’t lose me.