2016 Sierra Leone Trip Journal: Beginning to Understand the Issues at Hand

by | Apr 22, 2016

It’s hard to believe that I’m over halfway through my trip and I’ll be home in nine days. Although this trip hasn’t been easy, God has been so faithful in stretching my faith and trust in Him. He continues to guide me, give me peace, comfort and protection. I know this is because of your prayers. I can honestly feel them. THANK YOU!

I’m humbled with the amount of profitable meetings we are having this week. I’ve been staying in the Western part of Sierra Leone close to Freetown.  This week we have traveled 3.5 hours to Bo (Southern part of Sierra Leone) for two night and currently in Makeni (Northern part of Sierra Leone – 2 hours north of Freetown) for two nights. The organizations and government officials have had open doors to us. They have graciously given us so much of their time and knowledge with explaining what they are doing. They have been so instrumental to us in understanding the problems that these young vulnerable girls face. We have met with a ministry that has both a girls home and boys home, we have met with the officials from the offices of Social Welfare and Child Welfare, with organizations like Street Child, Defense for Children, World Hope, Plan International, MADAM (youth program) and even with the Head of Department of Social Work at Njala University in Bo. Today has been the first day since I’ve been here that I’m really beginning to understand the issues at hand. I’ve been really encouraged that we could make a difference in bringing protection, hope, healing and freedom to some vulnerable and sexually abused young girls (ages 14 years and younger).

So please continue to pray for Paul and I. We need it and God has been faithful in answering! Would you pray for the follow?
1. Safety as we drive back to Freetown tomorrow (Saturday). Driving in Africa may be the scariest thing for me. Please pray for God’s protection for us. Our car had front end issues last night and was not drivable. It was repaired this afternoon.
2. That God will give make it clear to what area in Sierra Leone to focus on.
3.  That God will continue to put people in our paths that He wants us to learn from and/or work together.
4.  That God would bless Paul and the Conteh family. They have been an incredible host to me and I truly feel a part of their family.