2016 Sierra Leone Trip Journal: Heading Home

by | Apr 30, 2016

Wow!  What an incredible trip this has been.  I feel like I started this trip out unsure and uncertain. I did not understand why God had called me to Sierra Leone and I even questioned if He really did ask me to come.  I have learned so much about the people of Sierra Leone, myself, God’s Faithfulness and also the serious issue of trafficking in Sierra Leone. I knew there was a problem with street girls, but i did not know anything else.  I knew that it was a big problem that many people want to overlook because finding a solution is too overwhelming.  I have learned about the lack of safe homes for these abused and vulnerable girls. And there is no justice for these girls. Most abuse is brushed under the rug and the girls are forced right back in the same abusive situations. I want to be an advocate for these these girls. I want to stand up against the injustices and to be part of the solution. My hope is to be able to provide a safe place for them where they can heal and come to understand that God love each one of them and has a plan for each of them. I want them to have the Peace that only comes from Christ.

I will be eternally grateful to Paul Conteh for believing in what God has placed on my heart. He went above and beyond what I ever could have imagined when setting up the agenda for our trip.  We had meetings all over the country with friends, acquaintances, leaders, educators, law enforcement, politicians, churches, ministries and more! And his family opened their home and their hearts to me. Margaret and Rev Abu Conteh, Aaron Conteh, Aunt Fudia.  They were up early every morning cooking for us and late at night too. When I read Proverbs 31, Margaret Conteh will always come to mind!

Lastly, Thank you for reading and praying for me on this journey. God has heard your prayers for me. Never once did I feel in danger, nor did I get sick.  I had His peace over me the entire time. He has given me a direction I need and the location in Sierra Leone.  Over the next two weeks I will share with you the vision of Princess Project. Thank you to my beautiful wife and rock, Leanne. Without her emotional, spiritual, and family support, there is no way that I could have done this trip. Thank you to you my friends for your faithfulness.