Princess Promise Update: February 2021

by | Feb 26, 2021

Enjoying God’s Great Blessings!

The girls are enjoying their new dresses! Charla with Sunlite Massage (McKinney) wanted to do something special for the girls. She offered her clients a chance to win 2- free 90-minute massages for a $10 raffle ticket. She raised $600 that provided over 65 new dresses from Old Navy and Steinmart. Thank you, Charla, for using your God-given talents to make such a difference for others.

January Visit to Sierra Leone

It was a great two weeks to spend with the girls. They are doing so well. This was my first trip in 4 1/2 years that they could understand my English (my Texas accent probably doesn’t help). It’s a testament to the education and private tutoring they are receiving. They are all growing spiritually and strengthing their relationship with Christ. They are ready to have teams back to visit them to see old friends and make new ones. God is definitely at work. You can look into their eyes and see on their faces the peace and joy they have. They have hope because of YOU for caring and providing for them.


Hawa is reading a letter from her sponsor.
They love to braid hair no matter how much you have!
Celebrating with Pastor Sahr after our church service, in the park across the street.
Teaching them the game “Left, Right, Center.”
They LOVE to learn and play new games!
When it comes to soccer, they don’t mess around!
Abu is carrying Peter to see the doctor for his back check up.

Every girl received a Bible Stick from Faith Comes From Hearing. Jeama and Saffie are enjoying listening to the New Testament in their own language, Krio. Thank you to Sadie and Grace Hodo for making this happen! Each girl was so excited to be able to walk around and listen to God’s Word.

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you”. – John 14:18