Why Sponsorship

by | Nov 17, 2021

Here at Princess Promise, sponsorship is at the heart of our ministry. 

Each of our girls has five sponsorship shares available. These shares, at just $39 a month each, allow every girl to have up to five different sponsors. This means five different people are praying for, cheering on, and loving them. Most times, this is the closest thing they have to a family outside of the Princess Promise team. 

It costs a total of $195 each month to provide one of our girls with nutritious food, safe shelter, proper clothing, private schooling, tutoring, health care, and 24/7 loving care. 

Our sponsors give our girls the opportunity to attend private school, receive special tutoring, Christ-centered care, and allow them to dream big for their future. Without sponsors, our ministry wouldn’t be able to sustain the top-of-the-line care we give our girls.

When you sponsor a Princess Promise girl, you quickly become family! Our girls usually call their sponsors “Auntie” or “Uncle.” They ask about their sponsors by name, wondering how they are doing and when they’ll see them next. The girls write letters back and forth to their sponsors, updating them on their recent studies, goals, and interests. 

Sponsorship is a hands-on way for you to connect with children who want to be seen, loved, and championed. The bond between our girls and their sponsors is a special one. We love seeing the ways our girls’ confidence grows when they know how much their sponsors love and care for them.

We are grateful for our sponsors and truly couldn’t do it without them.

To learn more and sponsor a Princess Promise girl, click here.