The Girls

Princess Promise

The young girls that we serve are referred to us by the Sierra Leone government’s Ministry of Social Welfare or The Family Support Unit. These organizations specialize in identifying vulnerable and orphaned children in Sierra Leone. The girls we serve are neglected, abused and sex trafficked at rapid rates, often by their own family members.

Before Princess Promise, the girl would be identified by authorities as orphaned or vulnerable and returned to her home village. Here, she could be returning to the very place of abuse or neglect. Now, when authorities identify an orphaned, neglected or abused child, they bring her to our facilities for care and healing.

The girls, ages 4-16, are housed in one of our care facilities, either The Link House or Family Home. Here, they receive 24-hour care including tutoring, counseling, Christian teachings and life-skills classes.

The ultimate goal is that these girls will be reunified with their next-of-kin. This looks different for each girl and we want to be sure the home they return to is safe and encouraging for their physical, emotional and spiritual growth.