Meet Mabel, Our Matron of the Family Home

by | Jun 30, 2020

Mabel Mansaray serves as the matron for our Family Home. Mabel mentors, counsels, cooks, tutors and teaches the girls life skills. She ensures the girls follow the rules and expectations of the home. The girls see her as a mother figure and close confidant.

Before becoming the matron of the Family Home, Mabel worked with children at the First Baptist Church in Bo, Sierra Leone. This widow of four developed skills in child protection and ministry from her days as a leader in her church. Her personality is blended with passion and professionalism, encouraging the girls to be successful in their development.

The Family Home was rented by Princess Project and Love One Another Children’s Ministry in December 2019. After 12 of our girls were reunified into foster care two years ago, they were still vulnerable. After recognizing the girls’ continued needs at home, we decided to put a pause on our reunification program. The 12 girls were brought to the Family Home, where they were safe from any dangerous circumstances. The girls will be under our care at the Family Home until we can successfully reunify them to safe and encouraging environments.  

Mabel serves our girls at the Family Home well. Her hope is to see these girls become great leaders within their communities. She’s excited and honored to be a part of their individual growth journeys. She dreams of seeing Sierra Leone become a place safe, secured and structured for the maturing and success of young girls.

We are so thankful for Mabel and her leadership over the girls at the Family Home. Individuals like her are crucial in the growth and development of Princess Project!